February 3rd, 2009

Welcome!Welcome to my new portfolio/blog. This will be a place for me to display my newest works as well as test my skills as an article writer. I will be focusing on anything design related. Mostly identity and web design, with a splash of color from other media genres.

Don’t be mistaken, I have been designing for a long time and just felt the need to crossover to an easier platform for updates. Feel free to leave comments about my work or just say ‘hi’ if you are inclined to do so. I may just return the favor :) .

While your here, don’t forget to take a gander over at my gallery for some of the work I have done in the past few years. Also, if you would like to contact me, I have a page for that as well. And for those of you who are looking for a designer on your next project, please take a moment and fill out my design questionnaire form.

Other than that I don’t have much to say, I will continue by posting case-studies and other articles asap! Adios for now.

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