Use creative abilities to produce an enriched web and graphic product for clients.

2003 – Present
Owner, Web/Graphic Designer

1. Contacting clients through various leads in order to find projects.
2. Dealing directly with clients to assess their needs. Creating quotes based on those needs and adjusting accordingly.
3. Creating all work alone. Projects include Website Design, Logo Design, Print Media, Website Coding/ Implementation, Application Installation and Adjustments, Flash Media, Various Graphics.
4. Personally accountable for anything and everything that I create. Making sure the client is satisfied with my work.
5. Make sure I stay in contact with client for any follow up work. Complete as needed.
2005 – Present
Logo Designer

1. Responsible for taking client input and creating an identity that fits the company.
2. Sometimes receiving no creative ideas from the client but still creating a clean and professional logo.
3. Use revision information and fine tune compositions to client’s specifications.
4. Review peer projects to make sure they are up to standard. Rate and review others’ work.
5. Provide the client with necessary print files with logo compositions.
6. Meet tight deadlines as short as 2 days.
7. Multiple projects (as many as 6 in one day) and provide at least 2 compositions for each project.

TR Design, Puyallup, WA
2006 – 2007
Web/Graphic Designer

1. Responsible for all major work from clients including web pages, logos, business cards, folders, flyers and other print work.
2. Create ideas based on client input from step 1 (ideas, sketching) to a completed product.
3. Editing templates with Flash to create a unique presence for the client.
4. Maintain websites and add/edit information as needed.
5. Update old websites with eye-catching graphics.
6. Use good communication skills to interact with other designers to create a more cohesive product for the clients.

HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Image Ready, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office Suite.

Familiar with Flash, Javascript,  PHP, ASP and other languages.

I have been involved in drumlines for over 10 years. I marched in Drum Corps for 4 years and have taught a few DCI and High School groups. I also play in the Portland Trailblazer Drumline.